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When I received my first Shiatsu session I was in a very imbalanced stage of my life. I was constantly overworked and disconnected from myself with bad eating habits. After the session I felt like I have been on a week of vacation. I was immediately balanced and with more ease again in everyday life. This was the initiation of my 3-year Shiatsu education at Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg Berlin.


Shiatsu is a body work and massage that brings our energy system back into balance. Shiatsu can reduce anxiety, stress and pain. It works on deeper levels of consciousness and activates the bodies self-healing properties. Shiatsu is a grounding and deeply relaxing practice that helps to connect us to our core. Shiatsu works well as a support for depression or any kind of addiction.



My Shiatsu practice is grounding, deeply relaxing and can create a deep connection between your body and mind. It feels flowing, sometimes playful or even graceful like a dance. 

I am using a broad spectrum of body work techniques - from giving weight with my thumbs, ellbows or palms to the mobilization of joints and limbs. 

During a session I am guided by what is presented to me. I build the session around a diagnosis and a treatment of energy meridians. My Shiatsu follows a momentary approach. I take into account only what is presented to me in the very moment.  I hold myself back, listen and go in. My mind is calm, open, connected to my intuition.

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